Nurse Assign

a time saving tool for nurses that simplifies patient allocation

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Accuity Tools are a thing of the past.

With the aim to allow nurses more time at the bedside, Nurse Assign, simplifies patient allocation. Based on a nurse-centric acuity rating, Nurse Assign will automatically generate staff assignments with even workloads. This approach allows for more nursing staff control, more accurate patient ratings and ultimately, more evenly dispersed work. Results of using the application include more efficient use of employees' time, happier staff and happier patients.


Remotely Hosted

An application based off the web is more accessible and less likely to have "downtime".

Smart Direction

Every assignment is personalizable and editable. Nurse Assign is here to help as much as you want it to.

Patients First

Let the application think about allocation details and creating the perfect assignment while you focus on patient care.


Nurse Assign is completely HIPAA compliant.